Teaching Resources ~ Printed or CD

1) Financial Fitness for Life

  • Published by the Council for Economic Education
  • Aligned with: National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education
  • Topics: The Economic way of Thinking, Consumer Decision Making, Productivity, Why Stay in School, Why Save & Types of Saving, Who Pays and Who Reeives, Stocks and Mutual Funds, Let Lenders and Borrowers Be, Saving & Investing are Risky Business, Cash or Credit?
  • Features: Strong assessment component, companion parent piece, Spanish version, part of a K-12 series.

2) Money$tars - Personal Finance in the Classroom

  • Developed by the Muriel F. Siebert Foundation in cooperation with the Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association (CEI-PEA)
  • Aligned with: National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education National and New York - Family and Consumer Sciences Standards
  • Topics: Money Skills, Earning (jobs and careers), Managing Your Money, Banks & Banking, Credit, Federal Budget

3) Teen Money 101: An Introduction to Teen Money Management

  • Written by Stacia M. Morris, a Connecticut author (cost $19.95)
  • Topics: The Family, Personal Value (, and ethics), Money (credit and debit cards), Income & Expense, Assets & Liabilities, Budgeting, Banking, Credit, Investments, Mortgages, The Global Experience, Teen Life Events Planning Cycle
  • Features: A narrated workbook

4) Cash, Credit and Your Finances

  • Written by Jill Russo Foster, a Connecticut author
  • Features: In Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years, Jill Russo Foster introduces teenagers to the basic concepts of managing money. Jill discusses setting and living within a budget, working with a bank, opening accounts, managing credit and debt, paying for a college education, and making major purchases, such as a computer or car. Along the way, Jill provides, tips, worksheets, and practical examples in a friendly, clear style.

5) Me, Myself, My Money - CSCPA Financial Literacy Curriculum, Edition 2